Wax Resist Process

wax1 wax2 wax3 wax4

Pieces are glazed with a base glaze, in my case clear glaze on porcelain. Images or patterns are drawn on dry glaze with an
ordinary pencil.

Green wax liquid, which will burn out in the firing, is painted on the pot in the spaces which I want to stay the base color, in this
case white.
wax6 wax5 wax7 wax8

Scratching through the wax with a sharp tool can create a type of glaze sgraffito to allow for sharper lines of glaze.

After drying over night, the piece is dipped in a second glaze, in this case, black. The wax will resist this layer and after dabbing with a sponge is ready to fire. For more colors, this process can be repeated with a third or fourth glaze before firing.

I fire to Cone 10 or nearly 2400 degrees F in my gas fired reduction kiln.