I teach at Madison College historically known as MATC in downtown Madison Wisconsin. This is part of the Liberal Arts Transfer program in which the school offers classes that give 3 college credits for each Ceramics course that can be applied to a 4-year college degree. Many of our students come to MATC after getting their formal education to take classes not available in their program or to continue to learn and get more experience before setting up their own studio.

Fall Semester

Ceramics 1

Ceramics 1 introduces clay as an art medium through demonstration and experimentation with basic building methods. It encourages individual involvement with the media and emphasizes personal expression and exploration of texture, form and surface decoration. This course covers electric and raku firing, relevant vocabulary and some of the technical aspects of clay.

Ceramics Firing Techniques 1 and 2

The class will focus on different firing techniques. Techniques covered would be Raku, sawdust firings, the use of saggars at different temperatures, vapor glazes and primitive pit kilns, as well as more traditional luster firings and other low temperature techniques. Surface treatments to pots that enhance the uniqueness of the firing would be stressed. Students will have the opportunity to build kilns and manage the firings themselves. If possible, the class would try to have pieces in, and help with, a wood firing and salt firing, and high-fire gas reduction.

Spring Semester

Ceramics 1

See Fall Semester

Ceramics 2

Ceramics 2 covers either the development of basic wheel throwing skills or advanced hand-building techniques. Students work with glaze development through both judicious testing and empirical formulas. Electric firing and raku firing will be explored.